How IOT looks like in Eastcubator (Our co-working space).

One of our friends got an idea. He developed an android app but he was not satisfied that some of our colleges don’t want to use his applications. He was thinking about what he can do for them.

He got the idea that we have a gate that we have to open with a remote controller if we want to go to our CO-working space by car. It is comfortable but sometimes somebody forgets an RC or some remote controllers disappear. He got the idea that we can create our own IOT project which will improve the quality of our life in Eastcubator.

Let’s talk about what have we done. The name of guy who got an idea about improving our life in Eastcubator is Richard. His name is the same as mine. He realized that he has LattePanda PC with Arduino which could be capable to use. And he was right. He took apart a gate remote controller and did his hardware work like connecting an RC to do right pin with Arduino. And that is how everything started. Immediately more guys were interested in this project. Me too. Everybody has contributed to something. Somebody bought some small hardware that we needed, somebody developed a website, somebody developed a mobile app and one of the most important things was the development of a service which handles communication with Arduino pins.

I don’t want to talk a lot about code I would like to show you only overview what have we done for now.

Ok, let’s go through what have we done. Now we have a waterproof remote controller which is connected to Arduino. Remote controller is bonded on window in waterproof case please check the image below.

Remote Controller in waterproof case

I know, it looks lite bit weird but it works and we don’t have a reason to change it.

RC is connected to LattePanda by several meters twisted cable. You can open the gate by button manually from inside. We have a temperature sensor which update temperature to the database every minute. We use this temperature in our android app and the user can see how hot/cold is in office in real-time. Please check the image below.


But the most important thing is that we don’t have to have an RC with US if we want to open a gate. We don’t have to be near a gate if want to open it. It is useful if we need to open a gate for somebody. We can open our gate from anywhere because we have a mobile app and web application which we can use for the opening of our gate.

This is never-ending story and we are thinking about extension. If you have some ideas, please write a comment below what we could do.

Have a nice day