I don’t want to live on this planet anymore

I don’t like to write an article like this but i would like to share my ideas about what is happening in Slovakia now. Everybody who knows me knows that I do not agree with people whose tend in extremism. 

We have some weird figure in our parliament who do not like immigrants but loves kebab. Who does not know a lot of about the second world war, because he does not believe in holocaust.  He denies holocaust, gas chambers etc. It’s looks like for me like a nightmare that somebody who has opinions like this can sit in parliament. 

Everything changed with judge verdict when He was got out of parliament and he got penalty 10 000 €. The reason for the verdict was racist speech in radio. It looked like that Slovak republic are on the right way. Finally… I thought…

I was in a really good mood. But something happened. When i came to facebook, I read a post from my friend about figure mentioned above. He didn’t understand why he was penalized, if he was telling the truth. Truth? Really ? When i read this I told myself “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore”.  But i don’t want to die. I have to live 🙂 And I have to accept a view of the world from another side. I have to accept others opinions and this is really difficult for me. I Will try to be more tolerant. But this is another case. He denied something what really happened and it’s really danger if society accept somebody who present opinions like denying of holocaust because he has really strong influence on young people. I will try to educate people like him, because I believe that they are wrong and they should change their mind. Don’t be scared if you see somebody who agree with people like him. Please try educate them.

Have a nice day.